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What happens when kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) graduate from high school? When it was time for Natalie Davis’ son Joshua to graduate from high school, in May 2010, she and her husband, Robert quickly realized that they had no idea what the future would look like for Joshua. No one prepared them in advance about what obstacles they would face and how to work through them. They did not know what the public school system offered, what state services he was eligible for or how they would help him to find a job and gain some independence.

They knew that many adults with ASD fall through the cracks. They sit at home doing nothing because their families don’t know what to do either. Months after graduation Natalie and her husband were able to help Joshua find a job but everything stopped there. Joshua was sitting at home playing video games and watching tv and was very lonely. In 2012 Natalie along with Dr. Maccarrone and Marte Singerman founded a non-profit called The Social Cog. The Social Cog is a post high school social program for independenly functioning adults with ASD or other developmental disabilities. There are monthly outings. In between each outing the Members have weekly individual 30 minute skype session with a social coach to help them set social goals regarding communicating and forming relationships with other Members of the group. The idea is for the Members to form friendships and feel that they are part of the community.

The program is now in its 4th year with 37 Members and 5 Social Coaches. On Thursday evening, May 18, The Social Cog will be hosting its third annual fundraiser called Sensation. It will be held at the Gleason Room on Miami Beach. To learn more about The Social Cog and to get information about the fundraiser go to website

We had a great conversation with Natalie and hope you enjoy it.

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