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How do you define “trash”? What was the last thing you purchased? What did you consume today & what did you throw away? If you look in your trashcan, what story does it tell? Where does your trash go after it hits the pavement and why does any of this even matter? -Trashfreeway.com

In 2012, it was estimated that Americans threw out roughly 35 million tons of food; that’s 50% more than in 1990. Americans now waste more food than plastic, paper, metal, or glass (Washington Post).

Our next guest is setting out on a cross country bicycle tour called the Trash Freeway with two other friends to create awareness about the impact of food related trash and waste all the while leaving a zero trash trail along the way.

Rane Roatta is a unique and precocious 22 year old Miami native who is equally at home blowing his saxophones as he is building a budding fruit business (Miami Fruit) selling local delectable offerings.

Rane started playing the saxophone in the fourth grade and was selected as one of only five talented musicians to attend the Brubeck Institute in California where he completed their two year program. Simply put, this guy can play!

He also knows a lot about keeping an abundant garden and is a big-time banana aficionado. Who isn’t, really? Now Rane is preparing to bicycle from Virginia to California to raise awareness on the importance of reducing our waste and the ethical and environmental consequences of the food we eat.

We invite you to take a moment and listen in to how Rane and his friends are going to go about doing this. Get ready for the ride!

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