The vision for Planted in Miami is connection. Whether it be through business, activism, or inspiration, our aim is to introduce you to the locals who are impacting our community in positive ways and inspiring others to live a more conscious life.

Through this connection, comes hard work, dedication and of course, costs.  This is a labor of love that is completely self-funded and we want to continue to provide a medium for these stories to be told.

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What every city needs!

Great job guys, very well produced. This format is what I like about podcasts; interesting casual conversation that is informative without sounding scripted or contrived. Looking forward to hearing from more guests that make the big city seem smaller and more local than we are led to believe. Cheers!


Love the local flavor
This is just what Miami needed… a podcast that talks about the great things happening in this city. So much of what you hear about Miami is about the party scene, money, and other superficial things, Planted in Miami is none of that. Being a Miami native I really enjoy learning about the great things happening in this city. Keep them coming.


Planted on my iPhone!
The production value of the show is excellent, and definitely belongs amongst the leagues of the most professional podcasts available anywhere! I also love how each of your episode pages have a summary on your website with links to everything mentioned in each episode! Well organized and great resource hub each week!

You two are good at speaking at guests! It’s very natural how you trade the speaking back and forth. Very balanced, which can be difficult to pull-off, but you seem to do it naturally! I also love how you let the guest get in a groove and really speak freely and at-length about what they’re passionate about. So many interviewers are worried about getting their own time in that they sometimes spoil the interviews, so it’s refreshing that you two let the guests shine, and only use your questions to allow them to continue to do so!


I don’t even live in Miami (have never even been there!) and I LOVE this podcast. Amazing hosts, amazing guests. Must-listen!

Great show!

I love this podcast, very entertaining but it also provides lots of information and tips on how to improve our lifestyle and have a better quality of life.

I’m hooked!

I subscribe to a lot of podcasts and this one is now right up there in my favorites. Jeanette and Alex have a natural curiosity and interest in other people’s life story which shines through in their interviews. I highly recommend subscribing to anyone who hasn’t yet!

Great job!

WOW…Planted in Miami podcast is flat out awesome. Good production quality. Easy to listen. Very impressed Jeanette & Alex.  Keep bringing it.

So enjoyable!

I started with episode 4 and am instantly hooked. Jeanette and Alex’s intro as to what is going on and new…leads into the feature of the week. Made me feel like they were in the car with me chit chatting as I laughed along with their jokes. This podcast is a MUST for anyone who lives in Miami, is interested in Miami, or has ever heard of Miami!

Great vibes!

Planted in Miami’s podcast has a very casual & go-with-the-flow vibe! Easy to follow and listen to! Their topics are very informative and definitely made this veggie curious a listening fan. Keep up the good work!

Great new LOCAL podcast

I love podcasts and was so happy to learn about this new podcast focusing on Miami’s community. It’s great to hear about different people who are doing wonderful things in our great city. Look forward to hearing more!