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Who Saved Who?  This ubiquitous bumper sticker can be seen on the cars of those lucky pet owners that have adopted a dog or a cat from a rescue shelter. In this episode we sit down with Caroline and Isaac Saiz, the husband and wife team behind the local Save The Strays Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to  rescuing stray animals, placing them in foster and/or permanent homes and educating the public on animal-welfare issues.

Caroline and Isaac are animal advocates with a variety of experience in business, law, and marketing and their love and respect for animals is a common bond they both deeply share.  Save The Strays is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization and all donations and adoption fees go to the care of the rescues and operating expenses.  Because they rely heavily on loving homes in order to save more animals, they ask that you reach out to them if you can foster any animals or if you are ready to provide a permanent home for them.

Caroline and Isaac are truly inspiring locals who are pushing our city forward through their fantastic foundation and selfless devotion to animals.  We hope you enjoy the podcast and become inspired to become a foster parent or to rescue one of the many dogs or cats that are in need of loving owners and homes.

Alex & Jeanette

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