This bonus episode is a follow-up to Episode 2 – Fixing Our Broken Food Supply with Trish Sheldon and a review of our experience at the March Against Monsanto on May 23, 2015.  This protest was a nation-wide event whose sole purpose is to get the bio-tech company Monsanto to have more transparency and allow their food products to be labeled as containing genetically modified organisms or GMO’s.

GMO’s are created when the genes from unrelated organisms, such as viruses and bacteria, are inserted into a plant or animal.  Most processed foods and non-organic meats such as chicken, beef and pork contain some form of genetically modified chemicals.

Alex and Jeanette attended the march and did some live podcasting at the event, took some photos and attended the after party at The Social Lubricant.  Please see show notes at the end of this post.

All photos taken courtesy of Alexander Ruiz.

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a better world is possible

people on steps

GMO signs

Trish with sign


Revolution is Here

Little Girl GMO Sign






Show Notes:

GMO Free Florida

Millions Against Monsanto Florida Chapter

Urban Paradise Guild

Green Party of the U.S.

GMO OMG movie

Bunnie Cakes

Plant-Based Comedian Joshua Rosen

The Social Lubricant

This Real Girl’s Life blog

On Brevity music courtesy of Josh Woodward

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