What do you do when you get your dream job in fashion, have amazing friends, live in one of the most popular cities in America but somehow feel like something is off in your life? This is where Colleen Coughlin found herself a few years back trying to discover what it was about her job that wasn’t fulfilling her.  The revelation came during a trash day at work when tons of scraps, samples and more were being thrown away and/or burned. It was the waste and disregard for sustainability that didn’t sit well with Colleen.  Shortly after, she quit her job, moved to Miami and created The Full Edit, a zero waste consulting and closet editing brand. Her goal is to make the apparel industry more sustainable by lessening the need to “buy more” by investing in quality, conscious, classic pieces that last and keep excessive fabric out of the waste stream. The Full Edit has upcycled 4,062 pounds of fabric and counting.

Colleen now holds a Professional Certificate in Sustainable Design Entrepreneurship from FIT and is the Eco Fashion Show Coordinator at Debris Free Oceans where she educates on sustainable fashion design. Colleen is a trailblazer in Miami promoting sustainable practices not only in fashion but in life.  We applaud her for spearheading this movement in Miami that is just beginning to latch on to the collective consciousness here and around the world.

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  • “My grandmother is Depression Era and would always buy us second hand clothes for our gifts…unbeknownst to me my grandmother was an OG hipster”
  • “95% of the textiles we have can be recycled.”
  • “Hialeah was a place to be like if you were a designer or creator of something fashion…almost 95% of our clothes were being created in house”
  • “Style is a form of communication. It’s the way I communicate to the world.”



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