Deborah Rosenberg has always loved animals, so after learning about the atrocities occurring in various animal industries, she quickly turned her successful luxury interior design business, DiMare Design, into a cruelty-free/vegan design brand by replacing animal derived products with sustainable alternative materials.

Not only is DiMare Design cruelty-free, it is also a compassionate brand capable of designing beautiful spaces with the needs of allergy sufferers and those with autism and sensory challenges in mind.  After learning so much about the various industries and how it adversely affects not only animals, but the workers making these products and our environment,  Deborah set out to create a platform where others could learn what she did and help turn their businesses cruelty-free.

The mission of the Certified Cruelty Free Course is that through demonstration and education, from individuals and small business to large corporations, cruelty-free options will deliver success within their company and in saving the lives of animals.  With 120 million socially conscious consumers out there we hope that more businesses will start joining this cruelty-free and environmentally sustainable movement.

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