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The Thx Company, founded by brothers Ricardo Jose and Ricardo Juan Bueso, is turning the typical way companies sell consumers goods upside down.

Inspired by their socially minded father to always do good and give back, The Thx Co. was founded in 2013 and first headquartered in their parents living room in Pembroke Pines, Florida.  With backgrounds in social development and degrees in Political Science and International Relations and Investment Banking, the Bueso brothers, alongside their team of creative wizards (Hi Ambert!) have created a company that any father would be proud of.  And they’ve given their consumers the power to give back and do good, just as their father instilled in them.

When you make the choice to purchase from The Thx Co., you’re not only receiving a high quality, sustainably sourced product without a retail and profit markup, you are donating the savings of your purchase to your choice of over 1.8 million non-profits.  Whether it’s the environment, animals, education, arts, children, or health that you care about, there is an organization that you will be helping with every purchase you make from The Thx Co.

It was a pleasure speaking with Ricardo Jose about his socially conscious enterprise and if you are interested in donating to their Kickstarter program so they can bring this amazing concept to the masses, click here.

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His telephone where he reads a lot of articles, including those from Vice.

The THX Co: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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