Jules Aron

Jules Aron wants to change your perception of what healthy tastes like. With the release of her book, Zen and Tonic: Savory and Fresh Cocktails for the Enlightened Drinker, you’ll be infusing superfoods into your cocktails in no time to make delicious, healthy, restorative drinks for you and your friends.

Jules grew up in Montreal and moved to New York for an internship she got at a magazine called Paper. It wasn’t long thereafter that she realized that the magazine publishing business wasn’t for her. Influenced by her bartending father who would make her herbal, plant-based tea infusions to strengthen her immune system when she was a kid, she soon got the knack for bartending which helped put her through school at NYU. During this time she also started to develop an interest in health and wellness and received a certification in health coaching.

It wasn’t until she detached herself from the noisy streets of New York City and found quiet in a cabin in upstate New York that she got the idea for Zen and Tonic. With both savory and sweet recipes, this book is one you’ll want to leave out on your coffee table. Beautiful photos accompany each recipe and many include great nuggets of information on superfoods and tips even a seasoned mixologist can appreciate.

We love how thoughtfully this book was put together and it was a pleasure speaking to the creative mind behind it all.  We are looking forward to Jules’s next book which will be about simple, delicious, plant-based vegan cheese recipes!  Yes, please.

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