Loren Pulitzer

Loren Pulitzer understands how powerful food can be. It can provide nourishment to the body and soul, heal the sick and ailing, and bring people together. After being diagnosed with Lupus, Loren’s health journey has connected her intimately with what she puts on her plate and she’s made it her life’s work to show others the importance of food.

With a degree from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst in Hotel Restaurant Management and a degree in Pastry Arts, Loren founded Simply Sharon’s – a vegan/gluten free dessert company and works as a personal chef to help her clients eat healthier and wholesome food.

When she’s not busy in the kitchen, Loren is helping artists make their dreams come true with Feast Miami which she co-founded with Susan Caraballo. As winners of a Knights Art Foundation grant, Feast Miami’s mission is to raise money for local artists and local art spaces by providing plant-based, family style dinners and brunches where money raised from the event is awarded to the best project as voted by the attendees. With help from the Knight Foundation grant and Whole Foods Market, Susan and Loren have put on seven Feast events and are helping bring awareness to local artists here in Miami. With their eighth event slated for December 18th, Feast continues to give back to the community while at the same time exposing the many participants to delicious plant-based offerings.

Loren’s smile and laughter are contagious and we’re happy to welcome her to the ever growing Planted in Miami family.

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