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Millennials.  According to TIME magazine they’ve been dubbed the Me, Me, Me Generation – lazy, entitled narcissists who still live with their parents.  Ouch, Time magazine!  (Well, if you actually read the article you’ll see why that’s not exactly true)  And it’s certainly not the case with our guests, Gigi and Ricky Gil, the brainchildren from Gold Lotus Brand.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite.  Gigi and Ricky are young entrepreneurs who are laser-focused on making a mark in the Vegan clothing line game with their environmentally conscious, cruelty-free, PETA approved line of clothing.  Ricky went all-in and quit his day time gig so he could dedicate his time to the brand he envisioned when he was still a beardless youth in high school.  Together with his wife Gina (affectionately known as Gigi) they are the Gold Lotus Brand.  Their headquarters is their home where they live with their cat Einstein (and not their parents!) and where all the ideas, work, orders, and hustle take place.

Although still in its infancy, Gold Lotus Brand is the type of brand the world needs more of and they’re more than happy to carry the torch.  Not only do they provide 100% certified organic, pesticide-free, made in the USA clothing, they will also have you thinking about where your clothes comes from, who made it, what materials were used, who or what was effected by making the product and how it impacts the environment, the animals, and the voiceless.

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Alex & Jeanette

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