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In a busy, fast-paced world where Keurig machines and the like are as ubiquitous as Starbucks coffee shops, the guys over at JoJo Tea are on a mission to create a bona-fide American tea culture and show Miamian’s how to slow down, count their breaths, and experience drinking authentic tea as it was meant to be.

Michael Ortiz and Tico Aran are business partners and life-long friends and JoJo Tea, tucked away in an unlikely location off of LeJeune Road in swanky Coral Gables, is where they perform their magic – offering tea flights and traditional, genuine tea ceremonies to curious locals, tea connoisseurs, and novices alike.  Although the presentation from start to finish is meticulously crafted with attention to detail from the brewing of the water to the pouring of the tea into handmade tea cups courtesy of Tico, these tea guru’s intention is not to scare anyone away with their beautiful artistry.  Instead, they want to “demystify” as Michael says on the podcast, the “intimidation factor” of drinking tea.

Get ready to cleanse your pallets and make sure to “steep” yourself into a cozy chair while Michael and Tico take you on a journey into The Future of Tea.

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Tico Pouring

TIco and Michael

Tico Laughing


Clay Tea Cups

JoJo with J and A


Thug Kitchen
Orange Theory
It’s Not Just Bootcamp
World Tea Expo
Badia Spices
Gospel of Thomas


Alex:  Tofu Scramble at Screaming Carrots
Jeanette:  Spicy Brown Mustard from Sir Kensington’s


Michael: Buddhism for Couples, The Third Plate
Tico: Radical Micology

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