Melanie Oliva

After a long and fast-paced stint in the corporate marketing and advertising world, Melanie Oliva left the harsh winters of Chicago and her nine-to-five with her husband and two cats and moved to Miami so she could reconnect with her fine arts roots and enjoy the endless summers of South Florida. With Miami as her new muse, she began to focus her creative energy on painting again and we’re sure glad she did because when you’re inspired you can change the world.

This eco-artist and activist might seem soft-spoken, but her passion to bring awareness to the environmental issues facing our planet as well as all of its inhabitants is loud and clear. With every brushstroke, Melanie is giving a voice to the plants, animals, and insects that are in need of an empathetic advocate to help secure their futures. Through Inspiration Pollination, a group comprised of over 600 artists from around the world, she hopes to shine a light on the very serious state pollinators, such as bees, are in and why they play such a pivotal role in our ecosystem.

Her paintings are vibrant, colorful, and bright and many of them showcase the various species she is helping to protect.  With Melanie’s advocacy and through the help of the many artists she has collaborated with to bring this important subject to the masses, she is well on her way in leaving her mark on this planet we all call home.

Alex & Jeanette

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Melanie and PIMMelanie Oliva paintings_LolitaHummingbirdBear and CubsBat an Eye


Wellth from the founder/CEO of Mind Body Green
Vanishing of the Bees
Huffington Post Article – Artists Want To Save Pollinators, Through Pollination
Magic Leap
Worker Bees on a Rooftop, Ignoring Urban Pleasures
Legacy Fit


Alex: Heidi Ho: Ne Chèvre – Black Lava Cheeze (And yes!  They were on Shark Tank)
Jeanette: Swell Bottle


Nature Girl by Carl Hiaasen

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