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Sabra Seligman is a fireball of energy and maybe that’s because the food she is serving at her new plant-based restaurant, Manna Life Food, is giving her all of that divine nourishment.

With her background deeply rooted in the wellness industry, Sabra set out to open a Wellness Center in Miami after spending a majority of her life living abroad. But she quickly came to realize that the last thing Miami needed was another spa. Instead, she set her sights higher and created Manna Life Food, a space where people can connect with mind, body and soul.

Born in West Africa from parents of Canadian and Colombian descent and under the tutelage of Chef Mark Reinfeld, she has drawn from her extensive travels and experiences to offer menu items and flavor combinations as diverse as all of the exotic places she’s lived and visited.

With Manna Life Food slated to open on March 7th, Sabra has worked dutifully to offer Miami’s residents and visitors a healthy alternative in Downtown Miami to those that want to taste a little piece of heaven.

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Sabra J and Alex

Manna Life Food Sign

Manna Cookies

Sabra and J

Mint Pea Soup




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Gabriel Cousens, MD
Alfredo Dupont Building
David Wolfe
Mark Reinfeld


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