Sarah Yousuf

Sara Yousuf is a firecracker.  Through her tenacity and determination she opened one of Miami’s only vinyl stores, Sweat Records, and has co-founded two leading progressive social organizations: Emerge Miami and Engage Miami. Oh and did we mention that she’s also a public defender for Miami-Dade County (more on that later). After moving from Michigan to Miami to attend UM, Sara quickly realized her activist tendencies and sought to create organizations that could mobilize people to make real and effective changes in the community.

Emerge Miami was created in 2005 with Bruce Wayne Stanley as a real life social network for people who wanted to make a difference. Engage Miami was created in 2015 as an official not-for-profit targeted to increase youth voter turnout through various campaigns and initiatives.

But Sara hasn’t stopped there, after attending an Action Club meeting at The Lab in Wynwood, she was asked to write down 150 life goals which led her to realize that by her continuing to practice law wouldn’t get her to where she wanted to be in life.  So she’s now on a 6 month sabbatical pursuing other interests such as The Plantain, which is a satirical website specifically dedicated to Miami as well as working on other interests.

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