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With more and more people moving to Miami everyday, congestion is everywhere – on the major thoroughfares as well as the neighborhood streets.  In this episode, local architects and cycling enthusiasts, Victor Dover and Maricé Chael, are encouraging more people to ditch their cars and hop on public transportation and bicycles to get to where they want to go and make better use of their time.

As architects and urban planners, Victor and Maricé know that a city’s design can have major implications on how people choose to commute and enjoy the outdoors. They also believe that with some small changes we will be able to not only improve how we get around South Florida but also improve our personal lives by using our local transit system and bicycles.

One way they are bringing awareness and exposing more people to these alternate forms of transportation is an event they are behind called Wheels. Taking place November 11th through November 15th, you can learn how to bike, walk, and use the public transit system to get around Miami.  There will be a conference, a Family Festival, the first-ever Bike-in Street Bash with live bands and more. Plus it’s all free!

We hope you enjoy listening to this passionate couple and that you’ll be inspired to go outside, enjoy the great outdoors and the Miami Bike Scene.

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