Hip hop is everywhere nowadays…television, advertisements, billboards and even the slang that’s become a natural part of our lexicon.  Why has this music permeated our culture in such a powerful way?  This music, which was founded in the streets of New York City as a form of expression in the urban communities, has cemented its status as a successful and profitable genre.

Eric F. Narciandi or DJ EFN, began his love affair with hip hop as a kid growing up in the 80’s/90’s in Miami’s Kendall neighborhood. Inspired by groups such as NWA and Public Enemy, he knew he wanted to be involved in the hip hop scene so he created Crazy Hood Productions after graduating from high school. He helped put Miami on the map as a legitimate hip hop city, bringing its special flavor to the masses.

In 2012, after learning of a thriving hip hop scene in Cuba, he decided to explore his roots through his passion of music and from this the ‘Coming Home: Cuba’ documentary was birthed.  Now with two more films under his belt and a planned trip to Vietnam to start filming his fourth, DJ EFN is on a mission to unearth and share with us hip hop communities and cultures that are worlds away. His passion for this art form that many said was just a fad is apparent and it was a real pleasure getting to know him.

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Dr. Dribble
Key Biscayne Half Marathon & 10k
Cocaine Cowboys
Straight Outta Miami- New Tropic
El Granma
Revolt TV
General Provision
South Florida Podcasters Meetup


Alex: Pascha Organic Dark Chocolate
Jeanette: Harmless Harvest Coconut Water
Bonus: Coconut Man @ Yellow Green Market

Think And Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill




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Coming Home: Cuba – teaser

Coming Home: Peru – teaser

Coming Home: Haiti -teaser

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