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Inspiration is all around us.  For Mariana Cortez, it was her baby boy, Luke, who was allergic to dairy that inspired her to create dairy/gluten-free, vegan cakes that he could enjoy on his birthdays.  When she got the idea of taking her cakes and making them into mini cupcakes, it set her on a remarkable journey which led her to open Miami’s first vegan bakery, Bunnie Cakes, and Miami’s first vegan DIY cupcake/cake decorating studio, Bunnie Cakes Studio, to selling her creations at Whole Foods Markets and now being the first vegan cupcake to be offered in Starbucks locations throughout South Florida.

Bunnie Cakes is more than a bakery, it’s an experience. When you first walk through the doors you are greeted by an explosion of colors and a display of cupcakes, cookies, brownies, sandwiches, and more that are just as bright and lively.  The walls recount its humble beginnings and hearts are a central theme throughout the store and on the cupcakes.  The love for her family is reflected in photos and you can immediately feel the warmth and sense of belonging when you’re there.

Bunnie Cakes is a story of love, loss, dreams, and having the courage to follow your heart.

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