Alex Cuevas and Lori Zito

Compared to other well established plant-based, vegan and vegetarian cities in America, Miami may not be one that people think of as a non-meat lovers haven, but today’s guests, Alex Cuevas and Lori Zito have set out on a mission to change that. Alex is the founder and owner of Choices Organic Cafe and Lori is the President and backbone of the operations. With three locations in Miami, Alex and Lori have their sights set on opening 100 Choices locations throughout the country.

Growing up the son of a Rancher in San Jose, CA, Alex ate the standard American diet of burgers and pizza as well as the rice, beans and burritos typical of his Mexican descent. But after making the connection of how the food he was eating made its way to the table he had an “awakening” and made the decision to never eat animals again. This realization would set in motion a series of events that would eventually culminate in opening a restaurant that inspires compassionate choices by serving delicious, healthy, and organic plant-based food prepared with love for people, animals and the planet.

And behind every great man there is a great(er) woman; enter Lori Zito. Raised in up-state New York and of Italian-Irish descent, Lori was not always a vegan but her love of animals eventually led her to see the same connection her counterpart, Alex did. Together, Alex and Lori have helped put Miami on the map as a plant-based/vegan friendly city with their very popular restaurants and this is only the beginning for them.

We are happy to share with you their story of how they turned their vision into a reality that is helping make a difference in people’s lives and our community.

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