This page is a compilation of all the book titles that have been recommended by our guests in our segment,
“What’s on your Nightstand?” Find your next great read here.

Episode 82: How Sea Level Rise Will Affect Miami’s Future with Jimmy Evans, Sam Van Leer, and Jack Edmondson

Episode 81: Mobile Showers for the Homeless with Jeanne Albaugh

Episode 80: Defending a Dream with Ana Samantha

Episode 79: The State of Affordable Housing with Annie Lord

Episode 78: Tackling Miami’s Biggest Issues with Sarah Emmons

Episode 77: Providing a Solution to the Plastic Problem with Pam Barrera

Episode 76: Why Self-Care is Important for Your Health with Nzingah Oniwosan

Episode 75: Keeping our Oceans Debris Free with Jeremy and Caiti Waks

Episode 74: Bridging the Gap between Culture and Community with Abraham Metellus

Episode 73: Kombucha: The Living Beverage with Cristina Ivory

Episode 72: Abandoned Vehicles of the Everglades with Charles Kropke and Matt Stock

Episode 69: The Evolution of Sustainable Fashion with Colleen Coughlin

Episode 67: Empowering a Culture of Positivity with Nicole Mejia

Episode 66: 30 Days of Poetry, the Magic City Way with P. Scott Cunningham

Episode 63: Crafting the Future of Protein with Rohan Templeman and Dan Jonas

Episode 63: You Can Learn To Meditate with Paul Silitsky

Episode 62: Getting Clear on Climate Change with Zelalem Adefris

Episode 61: Breaking Down Social and Institutional Barriers with Kathie Klarreich

Episode 60: The Rise of the Environmental Entrepreneur with Anastasia Mikhalochkina

Episode 58: Why We Should Support Farmers Markets with Art Friedrich

Episode 57: Writing as Therapy with Andrea Askowitz and Allison Langer

Episode 56: Slay Naturally with Barbara Jacques

Episode 55: Unearthing Your Inner Activist with Elizabeth Jones

Episode 54: Health in the Hood with Asha Loring

Episode 53: Community Justice Project with Meena Jagannath

Episode 51: Women Innovating Now with Carolina Pina:

Episode 50: A Collision of Ideas with Meg Daly:

Episode 49: Live Like You Live Here with Chris Adamo:

Episode 48: Books and Books with Mitchell Kaplan:

Episode 47: Living a Life of Purpose with Nathi Alarcon:

Episode 46: Empowering the World to Run with Frankie Ruiz:

Episode 45: Challenging the Status Quo with Korin Sutton:

Episode 43: Elevated Eating with Chef Kofi:

Episode 41: The Social Cog with Natalie Davis:

Episode 40: Engaging Your Community with Sara Yusuf:

Episode 39: Unleash Your Epicness with Felecia Hatcher-Pearson:

Episode 38: The Humane Revolution with Deborah Rosenberg:

Episode 36: Zen & Tonic with Jules Aron:

Episode 35: Feeding the Arts with Feast Miami:

Episode 34: Fostering Hope with Florida Reach:

Episode 33: Post Traumatic Growth with The Combat Hippies:

Episode 31: The Plant Butcher – Ryan Bauhaus (Atlas Deli):

Episode 30: The Future of Tea with Jojo Tea:

Episode 29: Embracing Your Truth with Karina Rain:

Episode 28: Love Life Wellness with Veronica Menin & Diego Tosoni:

Episode 26: Inspiration Pollination with Melanie Oliva:

Episode 25: Save The Strays with Caroline & Isaac Saiz:

Episode 24: Feeding the Hungry Ghost with Ellen Kanner:

Episode 23: Taste True Wellness with Manna Life Food:

Episode 22: Running Across Cuba – Part 2 with Alexis and Marlene Garcia:

Episode 21: Be Bold. Be Daring. Be Relevant… with the Main Street Players:

Episode 20: Making The Ordinary, Extraordinary with The Biscayne Poet:

Episode 19: Crushing Stereotypes with Bad Ass Vegan:

Episode 18: Lending Helping Hands With Doctor Dribble:

Episode 17: Developing Community Through the Arts: Buskerfest Miami 2015:

Episode 15: Taking Control of Your Health with Rosanne Calabrese:

Episode 14: The Wheels Are Turning with Victor Dover & Maricé Chael:

Episode 13: Exploring The World Through Hip Hop with DJ EFN:

Episode 11: Changing the Game with Danny “Godfree” Peña:

Episode 10: Building an Ethical Enterprise with Alex Cuevas & Lori Zito:

Episode 9: The Pursuit of Passion with Chad Weller:

Episode 8: The Revolution Within with Shawnee Chasser:

Episode 6: Riding The Trash Freeway with Rane Roatta:

Episode 5: Raising the Vibe with Pamela Wasabi:

Episode 4: Running Across Cuba with Alexis Garcia:

Episode 3: The Power of Persistence with Veronica Menin:

Episode 2: Fixing Our Broken Food Supply with Trish Sheldon:

Episode 1: Let The Love Be Bigger Than The Fear with Terri Cooper: