Cristina Ivory, the founder of Angry Booch, isn’t afraid to experiment, which is why upon finding out about the health benefits of kombucha, she decided she was going to make some for herself. If you’ve never heard of kombucha, you’re not alone.  However, the popularity of this effervescent and fermented drink made from tea is on the rise and Angry Booch is serving up some unique, Miami inspired flavors.

After perfecting her recipes in her parent’s garage and working the farmer’s market circuit, Cristina opened up Miami’s first kombucha tap room in Palmetto Bay where you can enjoy eight different varieties. Using local, seasonal fruit to come up with creative flavors such as Hibiscus Ginger Orange and Lychee Rose, Angry Booch offers some of the tastiest kombucha around. Cristina also has a passion for health, specifically gut health, which has led her to experimenting outside of kombucha to offer seasonal kimchi, pickles, and sauerkraut.  In addition to the tap room, you can find Angry Booch at the Upper East Side Farmers Market and Verde Market.

It was such a pleasure chatting with Cristina in her new tap room and learning all things kombucha.

We hope you enjoy the conversation,

Alex and Jeanette
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  • “Every batch of kombucha that you make you form a new SCOBY, so it’s constantly reproducing.”
  • “80% of your immune system is basically in your gut and probiotics will make your gut much healthier than it already is.”
  • “The best way to explain the sugar that is in kombucha is it’s not for you; it’s for the bacteria and it’s for the yeast.”
  • Ginger is the number one grossing kombucha.”



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