Charles Kropke (left) and Matt Stock

Photo courtesy of Matt Stock/Adventure Life Productions

Did you know that scattered throughout the vast landscape of the Everglades, far from the city lights of Miami, vehicles from another time, another era, are quietly resting amongst the mangroves and marshes?  By using satellite imagery and investigating rumors, photographer Matt Stock and the brainchild of Abandoned Vehicles of the Everglades, Charles Kropke, go out into the darkness to explore the interaction of man versus nature by photographing these long forgotten relics of the past.  

By using a technique Matt refers to as ‘painting with light,’ he is able to create hyper-realistic nighttime images of vehicles such as Ford Model T’s, Studabakers, RV’s, and even drug smuggling airplanes while uncovering a side of the Everglades most people may not know exists.  And by strictly photographing these cars in the darkness of night and by virtue of conversations like this one, Matt and Charles are dispelling the fears people might have of the Everglades once the sun goes down in this beautiful and highly endangered habitat.

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Photo courtesy of Matt Stock/Adventure Life Productions

Photo courtesy of Matt Stock/Adventure Life Productions

Photo courtesy of Matt Stock/Adventure Life Productions

Charles Kropke (left) and Matt Stock





  • “I think that the physical values of the Everglades stand alone on their own.” Charles Kropke
  • “I take traditional studio and still life and very complex lighting scenarios into the most inhospitable places around the world.”  Matt Stock
  • “I’m photographing over many, many hours.  It can be an hour and a half to four hours or more to capture a single finished composition.” Matt Stock
  • “I felt that these vehicles told the story and the timeline of the exploitation of The Everglades.” – Charles Kropke
  • “The Everglades and really nature, it deserves protection 24 hours a day and it’s beautiful 24 hours a day.  And when we’re out there, honestly, it’s the most peaceful place you can imagine.” Matt Stock
  • “If you have a fear of something you’re less likely to want to protect it and so getting people comfortable with the Everglades, realizing the mystery and majesty of it will hopefully lead to people wanting to protect it.” Charles Kropke



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