As with most drastic changes in life, the impetus arrives through necessity. Just years after Alison Burgos acquired a debilitating auto-immune disease, her life’s work of charity and event planning took on an entirely different meaning.  Witnessing first hand the power of healing foods and the bodies ability to heal itself under the right conditions, Alison alongside her partner and wife, Michelle, founded the Seed Food and Wine Festival, the first 100% plant-based food festival in the country.

Now approaching it’s second year, this year’s festival promises to be bigger and better with more events that invite the community to experience the plant-based lifestyle on an entirely different level. Because Miami is known for trendsetting parties and restaurants, Seed has invited chefs from all walks of life to participate and show that eating your veggies can be really sexy.

There is definitely something for everyone this year with events ranging from a burger battle to movie night, a 5k run, yoga classes, elegant dinners and more.

Alison’s passion for planting seeds of change in the city is apparent in everything she does.  Her enthusiasm is contagious and we can’t wait for you to hear this interview.

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