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Episode 29: Embracing Your Truth with Karina Rain

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Episode 28: Love, Life, Wellness with Veronica Menin and Diego Tosoni

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Bonus Episode: Alex Runs his First Marathon

In this special “Bonus McGonus” episode, we recount Alex’s experience at his very first marathon – the Baton Rouge Beach Marathon on December 5, 2015.  Jeanette and I want to thank everyone who offered their... Read More
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Episode 12: The Seeds of Change with Alison Burgos

As with most drastic changes in life, the impetus arrives through necessity. Just years after Alison Burgos acquired a debilitating auto-immune disease, her life’s work of charity and event planning took on an entirely different meaning.  Witnessing... Read More
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Episode 9 – The Pursuit of Passion with Chad Weller

“Progress comes from practicing patience, persistence, and perseverance, and success comes from being completely dedicated to your dreams.” Powerful words from an inspiring, humble athlete, motivational speaker, coach, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Chad Weller. As a young... Read More
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Episode 5: Raising the Vibe with Pamela Wasabi

Meeting Pamela Wasabi is like having your favorite, most colorful painting come alive. Her funky style and passionate personality is infectious and contagious. From an early age, Pamela knew she wanted to dedicate her life... Read More
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Episode 4: Running Across Cuba with Alexis Garcia

Like countless others before him, Alexis Garcia escaped Cuba seeking freedom in the United States. After a mind-blowing 55 hours at sea in a kayak with another refugee and several life-ending close calls, they were... Read More